Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Maddy's Birthday Party!

So, I turned two years old yesterday and Mommy, Daddy and Owen had a little celebration for me! It was full of decorations, cake and presents! Check out the pictures and videos :)

The party hats!

The birthday presents and banner!

and I opened all of those presents myself (well, Owen might have helped a little)!

Pupcakes that Mommy baked me! YUMMY

Owen and I loved them :)

Check out my birthday bandanna too!

It was a fabulous birthday with tons of fun! Thank you Mommy, Daddy, Owen and all my furiends for the birthday wishes!


  1. Oh Happy Birthday to you!!! You are some lucky to have all those presents and those cakes!!

  2. Happy Birthday!! How did you wait so patiently for the pupcakes!! Looks like you had a great pawty :)

  3. Happee Birthday kiddo. You look so cute in yourhats
    Benny & Lily

  4. Wow! That's some party!

  5. Happy birthday maddy! your party looked like it was tons of fun! that was very nice of you to share your cupcakes with owen!

    oliver and jack

  6. Now THAT is a birthday PAWTY!
    I can't believe you even had decorations!! Those pupcakes are making me drool all over the keyboard!

  7. Wow! They really pulled out all the stops fer ya, honey!

    Happy birthday!

    PEE S: How 'bout them Colts?!?!

  8. Maddy, it looks like you had quite the birfday party! Those pupcakes look yummy, and you guys are so polite to wait until you're told to take them -- of course you did devour it rather quickly once you had at it! Happy Birfday!

  9. sorry we missed your birthday Maddy! Happy belated bday!
    Those pupcakes look so yummy and so pretty!
    oh haha! You and Owen are very well behaved and waiting for the ok command patiently! You two look like you are on a speed eating competition!