Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! Sorry we are so late, but we were really busy! On Wednesday Mommy and Daddy got us our own Turkey (the kind to play with not eat-BOL). Owen and I loved them-but as always-we had to wait to get them! Then on Turkey day we went over to Abuela's house (Mommy's mom) and our other grandparents came too and so did Aunt Jamie and Uncle Matt. We had so much fun running and playing there...and of course we got to eat some Turkey too :) It was so yummy! Saturday we went to play with Milo-Aunt Jamie's foster puppy at the dog park and there were 2 other Puggles there! Here are a shot of the tails and this is me next to a very TALL Puggle named Jake Then we said goodbye to Milo and wished him luck in his new forever home since his new family was picking him up the next day. Later Mommy and Daddy started decorating for Christmas-Here is Owen checking some of the stuff out for the first time And here is us Sunday night-soooo tired from all the playing and food from this weekend!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our fun weekend!

So as we told you before-this past weekend we went on our first "doggie vacation"! We didn't go far, but we had a blast! It was at the beach in Dewey, Delaware. It was my first trip to the beach and Maddy's third time. The house we rented was awesome- right next to the beach, 5 bedrooms, balconies, roof deck, TONS of room for all of us and a nice backyard that Maddy and I thoroughly enjoyed :) The whole weekend was playing on the beach, running in the backyard and cuddling with everyone (the people also played games and ate a lot-hehe). Check out our video of all the fun!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Doggie Vacation!

When Mommy got home from work today she got out our overnight bag and started packing all of our stuff...So of course Owen and I were watching her intently wondering where we were going. Mommy explained that we are going on a little weekend trip...and by "we" she means the family! We are going with the grandparents, aunt Jamie and Uncle Matt, Mommy and Daddy AND cousins Grayce and Danger too! Mommy is calling it a "Doggie Vacation". Tomorrow morning Grandma and Grandpa are picking us up and everyone else is meeting us after work. We can't wait to spend an entire weekend with our cousins! So, we are all packed and ready for our fun weekend...Is it morning yet!?!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Baths and Naps

Today, after we got back from our routine Saturday dog park trip, Mommy informed us that it was time for out monthly bath. I went first (mostly because Maddy ran out of the bathroom at the last second) and I was such a good boy. Here are our pictures after we were all nice and clean drying off!

And even though we were so tired after the doggie park we went crazy after our baths. Take a l00k!

Then after all that, we were so tired we took a nap with Mommy. Maddy likes to get as close as she can to her as you can see from this picture: