Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is it time yet???

Is it time for dinner yet, Mommy?!?!!

Wake me up when it is...

Dreaming of kibble...

Saturday, February 25, 2012


All week mommy told me that we were going to have a Puggle play date on Saturday with two of our favorite blogging furiends-and we would even let Owen come even though he is only half puggle. Then today she told me we had to cancel because of the weather!!

Doesn't look too bad to me! As you can see I am not a happy puggle!

I told her I didn't mind the 40 mph winds and the random snowfalls that were happening. But evidently, mommy doesn't like standing out in the cold or in the wind while I play, so we had to cancel. Booo! But hopefully we have better weather next weekend and then we can finally meet Oliver and Jack!

Monday, February 20, 2012

So Neighborly!

So, our new neighbors at our new neighborhood are super nice! They have all been coming over and introducing themselves to us being very nice-we of course are jumping all over them and trying to kiss them everywhere to show them that we are nice too! (for some reason Mommy doesn't like it when we do that!) One neighbor even brought over homemade cookies to welcome us to the neighborhood!
Unfortunately they were chocolate chip and we weren't allowed to have any-boo!
but no law against smelling them :)

Friday, February 17, 2012


Enjoying some sun!

Have a wonderful President's Day weekend :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Owen's HOME!!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for crossing their paws and praying for Owen. I'm happy to report that for my Gotcha Day (yep 3 yrs ago today, I let Mommy and Daddy rescue me and take me home) Owen got to come home after getting a clean bill of health. I of course was worried sick about him and made myself sick so I had to have my own trip to the Vet, but we are both home now and couldn't be happier! We are back to cuddling together which is just how we like it!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Raisins are bad!

So, these past 24 hours have been eventful in our family...Owen decided to eat Mommy's cereal yesterday morning and it had a handful of raisins in them! So all yesterday it was talking to poison control and then finally taking Owen in to the emergency vet after he couldn't keep any food down all day long...He had to stay at the emergency vet overnight and then transferred over to our regular vet this morning. I am happy to report that his blood work has come back showing no signs of kidney problems, but he remains at the vet for another overnight stay tonight :( Mommy and Daddy went to go visit him and took some pictures to share-
Owen with his HUGE cone! At least it's not plastic!

Looks like he's wearing a dress! You can see his IV machine on the side...

His IV line into his little paw-they are pumping him full of fluids to work his kidneys non-stop!

Owen has one more blood test to take tomorrow morning and (paws crossed) if it comes out as good as the others he gets to come home-YAY-which is good 'cause I miss my brother!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Own Private Dog Park!

Is our new backyard! We are loving it! Here we are on our new deck. Maddy enjoys sitting on the built in bench. Oh, and the tree behind us is an apple tree (Mommy and Daddy aren't sure if we are keeping it yet seeing as how we keep eating all the rotten apples on the ground). We get to go out there and chase each other, sniff everything and play with the frisbee...check us out!

Here is the fence that Mommy and Daddy had installed for Maddy and I! Thanks Mommy and Daddy :)
Watch the video to see how much room Maddy has to play frisbee (oh, and you can also see me digging a little hole in the background-hehehe!)

And this is our doggie neighbor behind us
Her name is Medow and she is a very calm dog. Maddy enjoys barking at her of course! We also have another doggie neighbor named Marley-he is a boxer, but we don't have a picture of him yet. We all enjoy barking at each other :) BOL
So far, we are loving our backyard-it's like being at the dog park everyday!