Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lake or Pool?

So, am I in a lake? or a pool?

If you said pool, you are right! This is the same pool that you see here...
except now it's full of leaves at the bottom because it's closed for the season! We met our cousins, Grayce and Danger, there this morning for some play time and I had a blast swimming after the frisbee and ball.
I was so happy mommy was letting me stay in water that looked like this...until we got home and I got taken straight upstairs to the can guess what happened next!
"but I don't want a bath!"

Owen waiting for his, Owen, run!

"Not the face, Mommy! ugh!"

"Finally done!"

"I should've hid when I had the chance..."

"I tried to tell you!"

Hope everyone had a nice-bath free- Sunday :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doggie Vacation 2011!

Thursday night Mommy and Daddy were walking all around the house packing all sorts of things...first we thought that they were going on another trip with out us (which made us sad) until we noticed that they were packing our bag too (that made us curious)! And Friday evening when Daddy got home from work he packed up the car, Mommy got us hooked into our car harnesses and they said we were off to a doggie Vacation for the weekend! Hooray! Last years doggie vacation we went with our dog cousins and our extended family, but this year it was just us with Mommy and Daddy, and even though we missed the rest of our family, we had an awesome time! Check out our video of our adventures this weekend and to see were we went :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Turkey Season!

So, with the month of November comes Turkey! We LOVE to eat turkey on Turkey Day, but we also LOVE playing with turkey before the big day :) Last year, Mommy and Daddy got us these turkeys to play with....

This year we got a Smoked Turkey Sandwich! Check it out!

I loved playing with it so much...

that I kept begging Daddy to play with me...

and even when it was time to go to bed, I couldn't put it away! (notice Owen in the background trying to sleep?!?)

Who knew turkey could be this fun!? :)