Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cold Tail!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend!  We went over to Abuela's house to welcome in the new pool season and celebrate Mommy's birthday.  It was awesome to run around the back yard and go in the pool.  Look at me on my raft cooling off! 
                                                     and Maddy swimming!
 Daddy made a cake for Mommy's bday and it looked yummy, but we couldn't have any :(

But after all the fun I had my tail wasn't up to wagging like usual (as seen in this picture)
instead it seemed to be permenatnly pointing downwards and it hurt me very much to try to lift it up

so I had to go to the vet and they said I had something called "cold tail"....I kept saying my tail felt nice and warm and that I wasn't cold at all, but apparently it's just a funny way of saying I sprained my tail!  So now I'm on meds to mend my tail and get me wagging again!  After all-what's a beagle without a wagging tail?!?!