Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics Time!

Over at our house, we are BIG fans of the Olympic games.  We love watching all the events and cheering on our team.  Mommy likes to have an Olympics party too so that we can have a big cheering squad for team USA. 
Mommy likes to have everything festive
Look at the cake Daddy made!
Mommy made us these to help show our support!
We had flags and clappers for everyone to use!
Let's go Team USA!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Homemade Snack Time!

We have the best Mommy in the world!
While she has been extremely busy with the new house, she did take a break to cookie us home made bone goey stuff.   Check them out here:

Silly Puggle!

Mmm leaves, cheese and cornmeal..
Smells good
Looks good.
Tastes good!
But but what does a Beagle need to do to get on the Mommy's Apron?

Monday, July 23, 2012

We're back!

Hello Furiends!  We are sorry we have been gone for so long, but it's been busy at our house what with it being new and Mommy and Daddy having to get it all set up!  But we've been having LOTS of fun and we are here to update you on it throughout this week :)

First, Owen's tail is back to working again.  Here is a picture of him on our new and improved deck with him wagging away.
"I love having my tail back!"

      And here is a picture of our new and improved deck!
There is a bench for me to continue my neighborhood watch from and a high table top so Owen doesn't eat the food Daddy is grilling up!
Didn't Scott and Daddy do a good job?  We miss getting to cuddle with him when he is done working for the day. 
Hey, It's hard work building a deck!
We are hoping Mommy and Daddy find another project for him soon so he comes back to visit.
Stay tuned as we will have more posts very soon about some of our other exciting summer adventures.