Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pet Smart Morning!

Mommy took me shopping with Grandma this morning to Pet Smart. I love going there because I get tons of attention and treats just for sitting and looking cute! I got some more of my Blue Buffalo Biscuits-I couldn't stop sniffing the bag they were in-BOL-and some new toys. This is my new favorite...Mr. Fox! Doesn't he look fun!? Mommy thought that this might be a great new toy for me because it doesn't have any stuffing in it for me to rip open and destroy all over the house. I promised that I would treat it well and make it last a long time. I've been doing nothing but carrying it around the whole house squeaking it so that Mommy and Daddy know where I am!


  1. Hi Maddy!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's always nice to have more puggle friends BOL!
    Petco is always fun for me too......I went last week and picked out a hot pink dinosaur toy...Daddy said NO WAY and wants to know why I like girly stuff BOL

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  2. Hi Maddy and Tia MElissa!

    I didn't know MAddy, that you got a new fox!
    Good for you!!
    Love, Elise

    Hi Cutie Maddy! You are my friend! -- Christina

    It sounds exciting that you got a new fox Maddie, I hope you like it!! -- Mckenna

    That is a really cute pic of Maddie with
    her flower! -- Alex :)

  3. mommy thought about getting me one of those toys but i like ripping it apart to get the squeakers out and then running around the house chewing on them. you are one cute puggle though!

    oliver and jack