Friday, September 2, 2011

Owen's Gotcha Day Eve!

It's the eve of Owen's 1st Gotcha Day! Mommy, Daddy and I don't know how we lived without him. I must have been so lonely and didn't even know it b/c I can't imagine being without my brother! Mommy and Daddy said we are beginning our celebrations today and will carry them over to tomorrow. And even though it's Owen's special celebration-I know it all really must be for me-take a look!

Here are all the presents Mommy and Daddy got me in celebration of Owen's Gotcha Day.

Mommy also baked me a cake for Owen's Gotcha Day. Doesn't it look delicious!

Look at Owen sitting nicely and not eating the cake. He sure has changed, I remember when he first came and would just eat everything he could without being told he could.

Mmm it was good!

Then Mommy and Daddy hid the toys they got me for Owen's Gotcha Day in the toy box b/c they didn't want him to get upset over all the toys they got me.

I figured since it's his celebration, I'll let him have my bone-for now!


  1. Yeah, Owen! Looks like you'll be having a good weekend.

  2. sound like there is a pawrty plan
    Benny & Lily

  3. What a great party you guys have planned!!! LOVE that cake!!! And all the cool toys!! Owen was being very good not attacking that cake!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  4. Obviously you house, like mine, operates under puggle rules. Namely, if I want it, it's MINE. No exceptions. Wishing Owen a very happy birthday!

  5. PS - You should share your cake recipe on Tuesday and join us for our Tasty Tuesday blog hop! It looks YUMMY!

  6. happy gotcha day owen! i cant believe its been a whole year already! your family sure is lucky that they got you. that cake looked delicious! hope you had an awesome weekend celebrating!

    oliver and jack

  7. WOW! Happy GD to you Owen! You showed awesome restraint with that tasty looking cake!