Sunday, September 19, 2010


Football Sundays are the best! We get to cheer on our Eagles and the grandparents come over for the games and stay for a yummy dinner :) Our football Sundays usually start like this-
First up, the dog park to get us good and tired. Here, Owen and I ran around and played with a frisbee first thing in the morning.

Then we come home and get our Eagles gear on and get ready to cheer on our team! We even play some football of our own during the game.

Then we "cheer" our team on with Daddy.

Finally, we "celebrate" the big win!

Can't wait until next Sunday!


  1. You sure do look like awesome Eagle fans. Maybe you can give the NY Giants some pointers
    Benny & Lily

  2. it sure does look exhausting watching football! you and owen look like you guys get along great!

    oliver and jack

  3. Aww,,you two look so tired after a day of football fun:)