Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Cuddler!

As Owen's "Gotcha Day" is approaching we can't help but think of the many ways he's changed since he came into our family. When he first came to us he never sat with us when we were having "family time" watching TV, he didn't know how to cuddle up next to us and whenever he was picked up he would just put his legs straight out. Now Owen is the first one on the couch for "family time" and always makes his way to Mommy and when he's picked up he curls up into a little ball. And now he is an all-star cuddler too! Check it out:


  1. Oh, Owen you are such a sweet boy. You must have learned to snuggle from a puggle!

  2. You sure are a good snuggler
    Benny & Lily

  3. It's amazing what love, family life and more love can do to a doggie! (Or human for that matter).

    We send your whole family doggie kisses for taking such good care of Owen!

    Drools n' licks,
    Minnie n' Mack

  4. Looks like he's a very happy snuggler now!!! LadyBug had quite a time with that in the beginning too, but now she's great!! xoxo Chloe (and LadyBug too)

  5. he definitely looks like a champion cuddler to me! Cuddling with the humans is the best! he even cuddles up with maddy really well too!

    oliver and jack