Sunday, August 1, 2010

Daddy's Home!

Daddy had been away all week for work and I missed him very much! This Friday (July 30) he came home. I was alert when I heard his car and then super excited when I saw him!
Daddy also brought me a toy to tell me that he missed me too! I love getting new toys :)
"Is that for me Daddy?!"

"Let's Play!"


  1. Passing through from the blog hop. Oh Maddie, you look like my pal Jordie. I wonder, are you as feisty as he is?

  2. Thanks for stopping by our blog and saying hello.
    Maddy is so cute. We look forward to following her adventures!

  3. Maddy - You're a cutie! You sure do have lots of nice toys! We like to play with our toys for a while, then shred them, too! 'Cause guess what?! We get more! BOL
    Pee S - Thanks for stopping by our blog, we'll visit again real soon to see what mischief you're up to!
    The Road Dogs

  4. your daddy is awesome!! The pink dino he got is so pretty. Good choice.


  5. Dropping by to visit from the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop. Maddy you are just Adorable! No matter what mischief you get into you are just too cute to stay mad at for long. Have a Great weekend & stay cool.
    Erin & Mom