Sunday, August 15, 2010

My first Blog Award!

I got this award from my furiend, Maggie Mae the boxer! She is such a cute girl with a wonderful personality-Thanks Maggie Mae :)

Ok, so now I must tell you seven things that you may not have known about me. Here goes:

1. I can wound a new toy withing 5 minutes of getting it (case and point-I actually JUST did it again)
2. I don't like to wear clothes-I usually just stand on the spot frozen and refuse to move for anything-but I'm VERY slowly getting over this
3. I love the water, but I don't don't like to swim-again, VERY slowly trying to get over this...
4. I LOVE to play indoor fetch and could do it for hours on end
5. I let out big puffs through my mouth when I'm agitated to let Mommy and Daddy know
6. I am an incredibly fast Puggle and everybody is always surprised to see it (I give credit to my cousin Grayce for training me since I was 9 weeks old!)
and finally
7. When another dog scares me I run and hind behind my Mommy and Daddy because deep down I'm just a big softie

And now I will pass this award to 7 of my furiends!

1. My cousins Grayce and Danger for always playing with me!
My Fellow Puggles
2. Bruschi and Ebby because they understand the power of the puggle cuteness and fear to swim
3. Oliver and Jack because we share a love the garden state
4. Preston because he looks like my brother from another mother
5. Chewy the cutest shih tzu
6. Jen and her Brown Newfies 'cause they look so fluffy and cuddly
7. BeagleBratz because I share their beagle howl :)

Enjoy & Happy Sunday!


  1. Oh Maddy,

    I am sooo happy you likes you award. :) I luvs learning new things 'bouts my furiends. I don't likes the water either!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. Congratulations on your award! You most certainly deserve it!

    Thank you for our award! We are totally excited:)

  3. oh maddy thank you so much for our award! that was so nice of you. i cant believe you dont like to wear clothes. mommy has been dressing me since she got me. everyone likes how fashionable i am. jack hasnt really worn too many yet because its too hot to wear shirts. i'm a pretty fast puggle too. maybe one day we can race!

    oliver & jack

  4. Thank you Maddy for the award!!! We do share the same dislike of swimming pools! BOL! But I happen to love dressing up! I even dress myself, with a little help from the humans of course!

  5. Oh wow! Thank-u Maddie an'of course
    congra-chula-shunz on u gettin'the awardie. Yep - we love r Beagle howl an'r so happy to hear that we share it. Sumthin'we wood also like tu share - there iza different awardie on r blog that we just got - we r sharin'it with any bloggie pet who duzn't haf it yet - u iz so cute an'weall think so (mom tu).

  6. YAY this is our first award! Thank you maddy! we LOVE it.

    Our mom says you should check out our most recent blog and pick out a brother or sister ;P. We wouldnt mind having a new cousin!

  7. Maddy,

    Congrats on your reward and thanks for giving me a reward! It is awesome knowing some new things about you!


  8. Dear Maddy, Thank you so much for the reward. You make me feel so special! we are so much alike...I dont mean just the look...well..except I am not a fast puggle... I cry when I can't keep up..which is like all the time. haha! oh well..