Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fast Puggle?

The other day I bragged about being fast, well I wasn't always fast. Here is a video of Grayce the Weim training me with a session of sprints when I was younger (make sure you have your volume on).

See Preston, I wasn't always a fast Puggle. And as you can see we are in fact very much alike (I cry too when I can't keep up, to tell them to wait for me!). You just need a good trainer like Grayce :)


  1. I thinks you did your best keeping up with hers..grreat job Maddy! Your little bark is sooo cutes!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. Oh, what an adorable bark! Your little legs went as fast as they could!

  3. oh Maddy we need to run and play really soon!! Maybe on Sunday?

  4. Maddy,

    you kept up with her! Great job!


  5. ha both me and jack cry when we are chasing each other or someone else and cant catch up! LOL

    oliver and jack

  6. oh hahaha! I wouldn't even try to run with Grayce...look at her long legs! haha!
    Love your video..that is exactly how I cry when I can't keep up.
    people at park always make fun of me.